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Privilege Leisure Club


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Find out what all the excitement is about. Enjoy two beverages and get your second entrée FREE. You can enjoy up to $220.00 with the purchase of a $20 V.I.P Card.


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The excitement doesn't end with food. Your V.I.P Card will help you enjoy additional entertainments, eg golf, bowling, etc. These venues will be added soon.


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Worried about those extra pounds gained whilst enjoying yourselves at our participating restaurants? Well don't be. Your V.I.P Card is also your gateway to fitness. We will be adding a variety of fitness and other leisure amenities soon.

Saving Money, Having A Great Time

Being a member of 'Privilege Leisure Club,' gives you a variety and choice over a number of categories such as restaurants, take-aways, cafés, entertainment venues in and around the Kelowna area.

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Other Great Offers

This section will contain various discounts and offers, exclusive to PLC Card Members.

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