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I am Volvo


Welcome to my website. I joined the Volvo Kelowna sales team on September 18th. I had no previous experince in car sales but I researched the Volvo brand and liked what I saw and read. I knew the Scottish Transport Police had the Volvo S850 in their fleet, not that they were able to catch me, and I knew of Volvo's proud safety record. To me they seemed like strong utilitarian cars with no class. It was a brand that I would not even look at when it came to choosing a car.

My love affair, literally began within my first week. Driving Volvo's 2018 Range was a real eye opener. Not only do they look sexy, the driving experience, hand on heart, was exhilarating, smooth and i could easily add several other positive adjectives to describe my Volvo Range. Further reading research compounded my driving experiences. I honestly felt safer, surrounded in luxury and relaxed after each demo ride.

To be a successful salesperson you must believe in the product/service that you are selling - no compromise. This will be naturally conveyed to your prospect. Selling is,to a large extent,telling stories. I want my customers to own a car that will not only protect them and their loved ones but also improve their driving experiences and make them feel good about their Volvo car.

Volvo Cars is synonymous with safety, and the advanced features in the new range are the result of decades of experience and innovation - they are there to help you avoid a collision and protect you and your passengers if one should occur. I know that there are several manufacturers in the same luxury segment as Volvo. All great cars, offering 'that luxury experience.' So I thought what is the one thing that would separate these brands from Volvo. Safety is the one important feature that gives Volvo the edge. I learnt that it was a Volvo engineer by the name of Nils Bowlan  who invented the three point seat belt back in 1959. Volvo did not patent this product but gave it to all manufactures. Volvo placed the safety of all above profit. That factoid alone would inspire me to do business with Volvo. I will be writing about Volvo's safety features during the course of my blogs in the coming weeks. To me, its primarily the safety aspects of their range that I want to educate new Volvo customers to know about. The sleek contour lines, the dynamic strong body shapes can be visually appreciated but it's the technical details and Volvo's commitment to safety is what I find inspiring.

...to be continued

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