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About Privilege Leisure Club

PLC allows you to explore local venues at discounted prices. Enjoy the full experience for only a part of the regular price. Dine out more often and make this your best spring ever.

The reason we started the Privilege Leisure Club was so that we could reach people like you and help them experience local venues instead of restaurants spending their advertising budget on local radio or local newspapers to attact your custom, we wanted the restaurant owners to re-invest that advertising budget in the form of 'free' main courses. We felt that this approach would be beneficial to people like yourself. The best form of advertising is word of mouth. We hope that you enjoy the benefits of being a PLC V.I.P Card Member and tell your friends of the experiences you had at the venues. Please any feedback, positive or otherwise, would be appreciated. Contact form below.

Therfore PLC was created. A great wayy to access local restaurants and entertainment at tremendous discounts AND helping develop these restaurants business by word of mouth. Satisfied customers, like YOU, are the best form of advertising. We hope you enjoy being a PLC V.I.P Card Member.

Membership does have its privileges

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