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"A hidden gem in the heart of downtown."

Social is a modern meeting point. A place to eat, drink and socialize, both for special occasions, and for casual everyday affairs.



The following is just a small sample taken from our extensive menu.


Cajun BBQ Flatiron - $28

BBQ marinated cajun blackened AAA beef flatiron topped with mint chime cherry sauce and served with mashed potatoes, house vegetables and crispy cajun onions.

Prime Rib - $34

8 oz rib-eye prime rib. Demi glace, yorkshire pudding. Mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

Beef Tenderloin - $38

Grilled 6oz AAA beef tenderloin served with green peppercorn demi glace. Portobello mushrooms, mashed potatoes and house vegetables.


Okanagan Chicken - $23

Double chicken breast, okanagan goat cheese cream sauce. Baby nugget potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

Ribs - $26

Peach bourbon bbq sauce. Baby nugget potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

Wild Salmon - $25

White wine buerre blanc, okanagan peach chutney. Wild rice blend, seasonal vegetables.

Ahi Tuna - $30

Seared Ahi tuna, pineapple salsa, cream. Wild rice blend, house vegetables.


Pasta Rosaline - $19

Fresh rolled lasagna baked with Mozzerella, hot capicolla ham. Grana padano cheese, balsamic glaze. Caesar salad & garlic bread.

Seafood Fettuccini - $19

Prawns, salmon, musells. White wine cream sauce, spinach and tomatoes. Garlic bread.

Chicken & Bacon Carbonara - $17

Crispy bacon, roast garlic. Rosemary cream herb broth.

Yellow Curry Rice Bowl - $15

Chicken, coconut yellow curry, mixed vegetables. Okanagan peach chutney, naan bread.

French Onion Macaroni and Cheese - $16

Classic french onion soup made with demi glace stock baked with trottole noodles and cheese served with Caesar salad.

The Social 242 Offer:

Offer G

Fine Dinning Meal for Two

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Social 242 offers you their $55 three Course Meal for 2.


PLC Card

$55 for three course meal for 2 ($100 value).
Each person receives the following:
• One appetizer (up to a $12 value)
• One entrée (up to a $30 value)
• One dessert (up to a $8 value)

See Rules of Use on side panel